Colloquium Glocalizing the Peripheries of Law

The deployment of legal technique is increasingly marked by the superimposition of global and local dynamics. These “glocal” legal practices, however, seem to reproduce well-established spatial and epistemic hierarchies. This colloquium, which is organised with the generous support of the Doctoral Program of Sciences Po Law School, is part of a progressive reflection on the role played by geopolitical peripheries in the life of law and lawyers. The colloquium aims at exploring the following three questions:

How does geographical considerations affect global/local legal practices?

How does legal knowledge circulate to/from/within the geopolitical peripheries?

Is centralisation/decentralisation of legal practices possible?

The colloquium will privilege an interactive and conversational format. Professors Helena Alviar (Sciences Po Law School), Yishai Blank (Tel Aviv University) and Vidya Kumar (Leicester Law School) will make introductory remarks and then the floor will be open for questions and remarks from the audience. Participants to the colloquium may be invited to read short pieces from the speakers in preparation to the event.

From 15h00 to 17h30
February 6th 2020

Salle du Conseil
5th Floor
13 Rue de l’Université
75015 – Paris

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