A Candle in the Dark: Illuminating Crises in the Peripheries | Labour Law: The Precariat in Distress

Flexible work, self-employment or entrepreneurship are terms often employed to disguise and sugar-coat the implementation of labour arrangements fostering economic insecurity. The precariat is on the rise everywhere and neoliberal labour reforms have been one of the main triggers of such phenomenon. In this seminar, speakers will address working conditions, labour regulations and the advance of precarization in the major economies of the Global South.


Monray Botha (University of Pretoria)

Jaivir Singh (Jawaharlal Nehru University)


Bruno Sousa Rodrigues (Sciences Po Law School)

Ghazal Miyar (Sciences Po Law School)

Rashmi Dharia (Sciences Po Law School)

Eirni Tsoumani (Sciences Po Law School)

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